Handcrafted pens by Martin Osborn

My hope is that you will see the value in owning and writing with a quality handcrafted pen and that your purchase will be a satisfying part of that process.

I have always been inspired and motivated by nature. Working with wood is a rich process. I like discovering the rich grains in different woods and I find the natural colors and grains to be continuously interesting and captivating. I enjoy the "hands on" aspect of woodturning and the precision required to produce a fine handwriting instrument. 

Quality and craftsmanship are important to me. I'm not interested in producing mass products that are put together quickly and sold cheaply to match the effort. I handcraft one writing instrument at a time with great attention to detail and the goal of a unique and functional pen that will last for a very long time. My goal is that you, the customer, can be proud to own and will enjoy writing with your custom handcrafted pen. I carry my personal pens around with me every day and I write with them every day.

I am an advocate of handwriting and handwriting instruments in a technological world. I have my smart phone and iPad, but I also have my journals and writing papers. I make a point to write a handwritten letter to someone and mail it as often as I can. I hope you will write with your custom pen and enjoy the experience of a unique handwriting instrument.

Thank you for visiting my site and I encourage you to drop me an email with your thoughts/experiences with my pens and some of your own thoughts on the value of a handwritten note or letter.